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Attic Insulation

How much attic insulation do you need? Should you have more insulation added to your attic or is there enough already? These are questions we get all the time. In the event that you’re trying to find insulation contractors serving Dallas – Fort Worth, call the expert team at Homeland Energy Resource Center Inc today.

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About Attic Insulation

Over 90 percent of homes in North America lack adequate attic insulation. Most people do not know upgrading a home’s insulation still provides the highest return on investment when compared to other energy-saving technologies such as upgrading an HVAC system. 

Keeping the House Comfortable

Insulating the attic is a simple idea with complex benefits. A well ventilated and insulated attic can lower your energy expenses and help keep your house more comfortable all year round. Attic insulation works in summer and winter so you get benefit no matter how hot or how cold it may be outside.

The question is one of degree. How much attic insulation do you need? This is a question we get most frequently from homeowners who want to increase comfort and reduce the energy bill.

Should you have more insulation added to your attic or is there enough already? In general, the answer is that houses in hot climate locations should have R-38 insulation. If your house is in a colder climate, then you want attic insulation of R-49. The goal of attic insulation is to keep air warmed by your furnace in the winter from escaping and air cooled by the air conditioner in the house, so your unit doesn’t have to work so hard.

Type of Attic Insulation

Homeland Energy Resource Center uses the best type and quantity of insulation for a specific job. For attic insulation, we recommend blown-in fiberglass insulation. The product is lose and blown into the attic spaces by our professionally trained technicians.

The fiberglass component creates a very effective barrier so hot or cold air cannot reach inside your home.

Also, blown-in attic insulation isn’t simple because it requires special equipment and can make an enormous mess unless you know what you are doing. The professional insulation contractor has the right equipment and knows how much insulation to blow in while accommodating for insulation settling.

Attic insulation is one of the simpler home concepts, but it’s also one of the most important for your home’s comfort. It’s important that the job is done right, so you get the most benefit from the insulation.




Though many homeowners try to install insulation themselves, there are many good reasons why you should let Homeland Energy handle the job.

Ensures the right type of insulation is installed

Makes sure the insulation is installed at the right thickness

Knows how to handle insulation safely

Ensures if new insulation can laid over old insulation

Protects lights from contact with insulation

Ensures attic vents are not blocked

Ensures access to attic is insulated effectively

Seals all cracks between attic and rest of house

How can attic insulation improve your home?

1. Maintain Indoor Temperatures

The primary purpose of all types of insulating products is to control the passage of heat from one location to another. Fiberglass blown-in materials and radiant barriers all work to maintain the temperatures inside a home. This helps in the winter by stopping cold air from entering the living areas of the house. It also stops the heated air from escaping into the outdoors through the roof. Insulation will also work during the summer. Attic insulation stops heated outdoor air from warming the rooms below. The result is that air conditioners and cooling systems will work more efficiently. Higher efficiency means lower utility costs and less maintenance over time.

2. Control Moisture

Attics that are exposed to the outside without any protection become a trap for moisture. Condensation because of temperature differentials as well as high levels of humidity become problematic over time. Moisture also enters the air in the attic because of heat generated from inside of the home. The potential for high levels of moisture and potential condensation slowly rot wood, rust metal and degrade certain types of insulating materials. It will also make the home feel less comfortable.

3. Increase Home Value

Several factors are considered when determining the value of a house. The presence of adequate insulation indicates that the home has been well maintained. Potential buyers will also appreciate a properly insulated home because it means less energy consumption and reduces the need for related home improvement projects in the future.

The most sensible reason that insulation increases the value of the house is that it makes the rooms more comfortable and easier to maintain temperatures for easy living throughout the year and lower utility bills.

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