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Energy bills and the cost of electricity has been on the rise in almost all sectors of the economy in the recent past. The outcry has reached far and wide and every company is now doing everything within their means to cut down this overwhelming monthly energy cost.

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One of the most important aspects of any new building is being properly insulated. This is because properly done insulation ensures that the temperatures in the building are properly regulated regardless of the season. Ways in which the new construction insulation installation is done also plays a role in determining whether the insulation will be durable and long lasting. As a home builder or contractor, it is paramount to know all the details of the company that does the insulation and that they should have a good understanding of how to properly install insulation. Homeland Energy is a company that has the right qualities.

Qualities of Top Insulation Installation Companies

A competent company that has the ability to do proper insulation installation on a new home will have a good understanding of the factors to be considered. These factors include the local climate and the type of heating and cooling system to be installed. The local climate plays an integral role in determining the insulation to be done. This is because in places where temperatures usually get very high it is helpful to do more enhanced insulation. The importance of this is that enhanced insulation will keep the interior of the home cool despite the high temperatures on the outside.

 The type of heating and cooling system to be installed also should determine the kind of insulation to be done on a new home. There are certain types of heating and cooling systems that work better with certain types of insulation. A more efficient heating and cooling system will not require a highly enhanced insulation. This is because the heating and cooling system will play a big role in regulating the temperatures.


We've got the experience and the knowledge to work with contractors, builders and architects to reduce energy cost.

Ensures the right type of insulation is installed

Makes sure the insulation is installed at the right thickness

Knows how to handle insulation safely

Contracting with the right professionals to do the insulation installation on a new home will insure the job is completed to meet the necessary standards. Homeland Energy will ensure the use of the recommended R-values for each specific application. This is helpful to ensure the insulation installed will work effectively. There are different insulation types to choose from and the professionals Homeland Energy know where to install different types of insulation.

A reliable company that has the ability to do proper new construction insulation will also provide helpful advice on maintaining the insulation and advise the homeowners on the issues that are likely to damage the insulation. This is helpful considering that most home owners do not know how to effectively inspect or take care of the insulation in their homes. But with advice from the professionals at Homeland Energy, the homeowner are able to be informed on how to keep their insulation long lasting.

Hiring the Right Insulation Company

Besides understanding the qualities of top insulation companies, it is also paramount to get recommendations from other homeowners and research online reviews from satisfied customers. The recommendations are especially helpful because they are from people who do not have an interest in the company. Getting several recommendations from various sources is recommended to make the most informed decision before hiring. This gives one a best possible first-hand view of the kind of services provided by the company.

Homeland Energy has collected a large amount of customer reviews and you can read them right here on our website or just do a Google search on our company name to find reviews from other sources. By searching us online one gets to view various positive feedback we have received from our customers.

When you hire Homeland Energy you are getting a reliable company to do new construction insulation installation.  Contact us today.

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