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The energy audit has become a priority for companies, institutions, and even homes, due to the increase in the economic energy cost and the greater impact of society’s environmental responsibility.

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About Energy Audits

A good energy audit can give us the keys to have a better performance and optimize the economic and energy costs. It has been calculated that most of the energy audits carried out to date have resulted in the possibility of improving efficiency through a series of changes.

Once clarified how important it is to perform an energy audit, whether for a home or a large company, how is an energy audit carried out ? In this article you will receive the essential and main keys.

How is an energy audit carried out?

1. Study of the current situation

In this section, you should obtain the most information about the company or home where we perform the energy audit. In summary, we need to investigate the following issues:

  • Documentation on housing construction systems and data on seniority
  • Weather information of the area
  • Current energy bill
  • Know the machines that are used
  • Hours of use

This is a common list however each site is different, and other aspects of interest must be added.


The energy audit is basically presented in four parts:

A study of the current situation

Investigation of the stay (in situ)

Identify the equipment and situations that can be improved and be sustainable

Energy audit report


2. Investigation and Exploration

Once we have obtained the important data, we must visit the place where we are going to carry out the energy audit to check the structure, the property, and the equipment. It is also important to know the habits in the occupants in terms of energy useage.

While observing the equipment and the housing situation, we have to focus on the following elements (although depending on the place this will be modified):

  • Situation of the structure, doors, and windows, among other issues, to know its thermal situation. There may be thermal bridges, deteriorated thermal insulation, air infiltration, etc.
  • Situation of office machines. In some occasions, the equipment is usually so old as opposed to what is in the market that has many economic and energy losses.
  • Lighting situation, we can save a lot of money with a good distribution of light or with another type of lighting. A luxometer is used to analyze the illumination.
  • Situation of the pipes and drains, among other things, can suppose a loss of water or power. The measurement is made by measuring the flow of the pipe or the water pressure.
  • Situation and distribution of the electrical system, bad management can cause many energy losses.
  • Situation of boilers, heaters or HVAC. Depending on the temperature of the environment and the situation of structural thermal systems (such as the facade or windows). 

Taking into account the information from the above, we must study and investigate the energy bill by schedules, work areas or even by months of usage in some circumstances to see if the results obtained support deficiencies found.

3. Identify what needs improved and be sustainable

In regards to the information obtained from the previous points, we will be able to identify which are the elements that can be improved taking into account the current situation (in case there are more advanced technologies) and the economic cost (in case it is not profitable).

The systems or machinery that can be improved energetically is mainly due to the lack of maintenance, problems or breakdowns of the system and obsolescence.

At this point, it is necessary to compare the results obtained from the audit with the projected data that would be obtained if some works were carried out. To know the viability of the recommended improvements, an economic analysis must be carried out, this way it will be discovered when the economic investment is resumed and if these changes are profitable over time.

4. Energy audit report

To finalize and conclude an energy audit, a report is made to the client about all the data obtained and the conclusions of it. The most important  are the improvements that must be made to improve the energy efficiency of the house, building or company.


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