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Do you need to remove old or contaminated insulation from your attic or maybe elsewhere in your house? In the event that you’re trying to find insulation removal contractors serving Dallas – Fort Worth and the neighboring Metroplex, call the expert team at Homeland Energy Resource Center Inc today.

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About Insulation Removal

Do you want to remove old insulation from your attic or maybe elsewhere in your house? In the event that you’re trying to find insulation removal contractors serving Dallas – Fort Worth and the neighboring Metroplex, call the team at Homeland Energy Resource Center Inc today.

We offer residential insulation extraction services you can count on no matter what the job requires. Speak to us right now to schedule your onsite consultation.

Insulation Removal & Replacement

One question we are frequently asked is: Can new insulation can be installed over old insulation? In some cases, yes, but there are instances when pre-existing insulation should be taken out. As insulation specialists, we will be able to assess your insulation and determine whether or not it needs to be completely replaced.  

Additionally, as reported by ENERGY STAR, any vermiculite insulation (which is more likely to have asbestos) ought to be tested and, if asbestos is present, professionally removed.

If insulation is damaged, it won’t be as effective at stopping heat transfer and making the most of the energy efficiency and comfort of your house or building.

Insulation removal calls for the same exact attention to detail as adding new insulation to an existing residence. We provide the highest level of experience for every single job. When doing the removal of insulation, the Homeland Energy Resource Center team uses equipment designed specifically to contain the product and collects the old insulation into a storing container outside the home.

Regardless of your insulation removal and replacement needs, our experts can meet all of them. Contact us today to learn more or even get a no-cost assessment!

In general, insulation needs to be removed whenever it is:

Infested by rodents or animal feces

Damp or wet from water damage


Affected by fire, smoke or anything else

When the attic insulation becomes damaged and ineffective it requires being removed and replaced. But most homeowners tend to forget the insulation of the attic because it is not among the most visible parts of the house. Doing regular checkups will determine whether the insulation is still in good condition or needs to be replaced or enhanced. For attic insulation removal to be done properly and safely, it is paramount to hire a professional company that has the right skills and tools.

To establish whether the attic insulation is still in good condition, it is paramount to begin by understanding some of the main causes of damaged and contaminated insulation.

Issues That Can Damage Attic Insulation

One of the main issues that can damage the insulation is contamination from animals and rodents. The rodents usually use the spaces on the attic to hide and as a result, they damage and contaminate the insulation with urine and feces. Contaminated insulation will not be effective and can even cause health issues. We provide the service to completely eradicate the rodents and deal with access points so that they do not cause contamination in the future.

Another issue that commonly damages the insulation is infestation by insects in the attic. Some insects such as termites can easily damage the insulation within a short time. The homeowner will not easily notice the insect infestation and this is one of the main reasons why it is important to do regular attic inspections. Talk to us about doing an annual inspection of your attic.

Mold can also damage the attic insulation when excessive moisture is present in the attic space. The mold usually causes the insulation to be ineffective by covering it and consequently speeding the destruction process. Bacteria also work in the same way as mold, resulting in damages to the insulation. This makes it paramount to create an environment where mold and bacteria will not thrive.

Damage from a leaky roof is also a common issue in many homes. A small leak over a prolonged period of time cans cause major damage on the insulation. Water damaged insulation will need to be removed in a professional manner so that a new insulation can be put in place. While replacing the insulation in such a situation, it is also important to seal any leakage on the roof so that the new insulation does not get damaged.

In vermiculite insulation, asbestos can be present. Homeland Energy is experienced in doing the removal and can recommend another type of insulation which will not be affected by asbestos. 

Benefits of Removing Ineffective Attic Insulation

There is an assortment of benefits that any home owner who does attic insulation removal enjoys. One of the primary benefits is that the home owner is able to safe on power bills. This is because when the insulation is functioning properly the temperatures in the house are regulated more effective. Because of this, it will be not necessary to use a lot of power to regulate the temperatures. In most homes, the temperature regulation takes a huge percentage of the power bills. 

When attic insulation is not contaminated and working properly it enhances the health and comfort of the people in the home. This is because the air that flows in such a home is usually fresh and will not cause any kind of health problem. People living in a home with damaged attic insulation are in danger of breathing contaminated air and is a serious health risk. 

Attic insulation Removal – the Right Way

Call Homeland Energy for insulation removal as we are a reliable and competent company. The technicians from the company will do the removal in a professional and safe manner. Homeland Energy can also provide additional services such as dealing with rodents and sealing leaking roofs. We also work together with homeowners with an objective of letting the home owners know how to prevent the insulation from getting damaged in the future.

Attic insulation removal and replacement has a lot of benefits and it requires to be done properly. Call Homeland Energy now for more information. We are here to help.


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