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Energy bills and the cost of electricity has been on the rise in almost all sectors of the economy in the recent past. The outcry has reached far and wide and every company is now doing everything within their means to cut down this overwhelming monthly energy cost.

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Energy bills and the cost of electricity has been on the rise in almost all sectors of the economy in the recent past. The outcry has reached far and wide and every company is now doing everything within their means to cut down this overwhelming energy cost. Homeland Energy has the energy reducing systems specifically for warehouses, offices, restaurant plus other commercial businesses. Homeland Energy is the company that gets the job done promptly and professionally.

Homeland Energy Resource has been a leader in commercial insulation installation and has been working for builders, real estate developers and company owners for various insulation contracts. As leading experts in this sector, we provide you with the latest and modern reliable insulation that befits your company’s energy needs.

About Homeland Energy Resource.

At inception in 2003, Homeland Energy Resource Center Inc. was formed as a compliant reaction to the rules put across by the Environmental Protection Energy (EPA). The rules were set to either modify or shut down the coal-fueled electric manufacturing plants that caused electricity cost and natural gas to shoot up.

As a committed partner with our esteemed customers, we aim at helping you cut down your company’s energy cost by providing expert guidance and advice regarding the best insulation that best suits you. We have confidence in our skilled team that through their expertise, we will provide you with a cost-effective plan all your insulation needs.

If you are having trouble with your utility bills and want to save on that, Homeland Resource Centre is just a call away. You can visit our official website’s contact us page and reach us so we can discuss matters insulation Installation.


We've got the experience and the knowledge to work with contractors, builders and architects to reduce energy cost.

Ensures the right type of insulation is installed

Makes sure the insulation is installed at the right thickness

Knows how to handle insulation safely

Why commercial insulation installation is important

Before you even consider contracting with us to offer you insulation for your company, it is only fair if you understand the importance attached to this energy-saving investment. We will provide you with informational facts as to how important commercial insulation installation for your building is
depending on the type of insulation you want to do. The following considerations are important when choosing an installation plan.

Warehouse insulation will help in achieving better thermal efficiency and ensure a soundproof environment within the warehouse. Vinyl insulation of the metal structures in the warehouse is most recommendable as a commercial insulation application.

When it comes to insulating your rental office apartment, we work to keep your office ceiling and walls insulated to cut down all your overhead
costs effectively. Office insulation is important as it will help to shield you from the external noises especially if you are located in a noisy neighborhood.

Factors to consider when doing commercial insulation

It is vital to know that all types of installation work equally well but only when they are installed professionally and according to the right standards. Many conventional insulation companies will claim to have a super installation plan but it’s all a fuss and attention seeking strategy. At Homeland Energy Resource Centre we concentrate our efforts in getting the job done right and ensure none of your worthy dollars is wasted. We consider the following factors for you to enjoy a competitive edge against your competitors

1.Thermal performance

As a leading insulation installer, we understand the discomfort of temperature variations to your customers or occupants. Having a comfortable temperature-regulated environment is key to keep your occupant in high comfy performance status. This cannot be achieved by adopting cheap below standard methods of temperature control. The truth is that without the right air sealing and quality insulation, you will not prevent overheating your building. That is why we encourage you to let the experts do a clean job for you, and that’s us, the Homeland Energy team.

2.Acoustic control/Sound regulation.

Recent study by Cambridge Sound management has revealed that about 30% of company staff are sidetracked by distractive conversations of
colleagues. Further study shows that more than half of company workers are more productive on a quiet environment than in a noisy one. Depending on the company building type, number of workers plus its location, a proper sound control design has to be part of the solution. Considering this, we work to provide the best-we-can acoustic insulation installation for your sound-proofing needs.

3.Continuity and Responsibility

At Homeland Energy Resource Centre, sustainable solutions to your installation needs is what inspires us to be responsible enough to take care of our customers’ needs. We are careful to choose the right insulation type so as to provide you with a sustainable design that meets the health and safety standard without compromising the environmental Protection Agency’s codes and ethics.


While it is very important to ensure that your building is insulated against temperature variations, noise and other factors, it all starts from getting the right qualified company to help you get the job done promptly and efficiently. Choosing Homeland Energy Resource Centre is the best decision you will have made whenever you need insulation installation.

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