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Remove contaminated attic insulation

Contaminated attic insulation

When the attic insulation becomes damaged and ineffective it requires being removed and replaced. But most homeowners tend to forget the insulation of the attic because it is not among the most visible parts of the house. Doing regular checkups will determine whether the insulation is still in good condition or needs to be replaced. For the attic insulation removal to be done properly and safely it is paramount to hire a professional insulation company that has the right skills and tools. To easily establish whether the attic insulation is still in good conditions it is paramount to begin by understanding some of the main reasons that usually damage the insulation.

Issues That Can Damage Attic Insulation

One of the main issues that can damage the insulation is contamination from animals and rodents. The rodents usually use the spaces on the attic to hide and as a result, the damage and contaminate the insulation. Contaminated insulation will not be effective and can even cause health issues. It might be hard to completely eradicate the rodents but it is always helpful to try and deal with them so that they do not cause contamination on the attic insulation.

Another issue that commonly damages the insulation in the attic is having insects on the attic. Some insects such as termites can easily damage the insulation within a short time. The homeowner will not easily notice the insect infestation and this is one of the main reasons why it is important to do regular checkups.

Mold can also damage the attic insulation if not properly controlled. The mold usually causes the insulation to be ineffective by covering it and consequently speeding the destruction process. Bacteria also work in the same way as to mold resulting in damages on the insulation. This makes it paramount to create an environment where the bacteria will not thrive.

Damage from a leaky roof is also a common issue in many homes. A small leak over a prolonged period of time causes major damage to the insulation. Water damaged insulation will need to be removed in a professional manner so that a new one can be put in place. While replacing the insulation in such a situation it is also important to seal the leakage on the roof so that the new insulation does not get damaged.

In vermiculite insulation, asbestos can cause damage to the particular insulation. This is because vermiculite insulation has special features that are affected by asbestos. The professionals doing the removal can recommend another type of insulation that will not be affected by the asbestos. It is also helpful to remove the asbestos if it is not very useful.

Benefits of Removing Ineffective Attic Insulation

There is an assortment of benefits that any homeowner who does attic insulation removal enjoys. One of the primary benefits is that the homeowner is able to save on power bills. This is because when the insulation is functioning properly the temperatures in the house are regulated more effective. Because of this, it will be not necessary to use a lot of power to regulate the temperatures. The importance of this is that in most homes the temperature regulation power takes a huge percentage of the power bills.

When attic insulation is working properly it enhances the health of the people in the home. This is because the air that flows in such a home is usually fresh and cannot cause any kind of health problem. But people living in a home with damaged attic insulation are in danger of breathing contaminated air. This puts such people at risk of being affected by various health conditions that are caused by breathing contaminated air.

Improving the overall structure of the roof is another benefit of having the damaged attic insulation removed. When the damaged insulation is replaced with spray foam, the strength of the roof is improved because the new insulation is stronger. This reduces the accidents that might happen because of having a weak roof structure.

Doing the Removal in the Right Way

To get proper removal of the attic insulation it is always advisable to get a reliable and competent company. The technicians from Homeland Energy Resource Center Inc. will do the removal in a professional manner. They will even provide additional services such as dealing with rodents and sealing leaking roofs. They will also ensure that they work together with homeowners with the objective of letting the homeowners know how to prevent the insulations from getting damaged in the future. Therefore, doing attic insulation removal has a lot of benefits and it requires to be done properly.

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